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TOP 1o book confessions

Hi everyone on TOP 10 book confessions we have Emma from BelleBooks.

Favourite childhood book: The Fairy Rebel by Lynne Reid Banks.I remember reading this one in primary school and I fell in love with it, I think I must have read it about ten times between the ages of 7-10. It’s a sweet little story about a fairy named Tiki who rebels against what is expected of her and befriends a human. I don’t think I ever returned that book to the school - sorry!

School Confession: In secondary school we had a reading challenge every year. I always reached the gold level and read over 20 books for the year. But one year me and my friend tried to out-read each other, I cheated on a few by only reading the first and last chapters, then wrote my report on it. So for that year I ended up with something ridiculous like 50 books on my list, and really I’d only fully read about 30 of them.

Bookcase Confession: I have only read about 20% of the books I actually own.I go on crazy book buying sprees on payday! I don’t really want to count, but I probably have around 400 books on my bookcases and over 1000 on my Kindle. There are books in there that I know I will probably never read but I still keep them anyway.

Book Crush Confession: I have the biggest book crush on Loki from Amanda Hocking’s Trylle Trilogy. Yes I know he is a troll, but I can’t help it! I loved his bad boy attitude in the books and he made me laugh.

Book Shopping Confession: I admit it, I buy books because of their covers!Last week I had a wee wander around Waterstones and picked up Heaven by Christoph Marzi solely for the cover. I didn’t even read the blurb! It wasn’t until I got home and I was going through my bags that I had a proper look at what the book was about. Luckily it looks like something I will like, but I tend to do this a lot!

Guilty Pleasure Book: My guilty pleasure book is probably going to sound a bit strange, it’s Wasted by Marya Hornbacher. It’s a memoir of a girl growing up with an eating disorder. I must have read this book about 6 or 7 times. I only tend to reach for it when I’m feeling down, it makes me stop and think and snaps me out of my mood because no matter whats going on with me, I don’t think my life will ever be that bad. It makes me grateful for what I have, in a strange way it’s sort of my comfort book.

Stupidest thing I’ve done when reading: Gosh there is actually quite a few. I am the girl who has walked into a lamppost because I had my nose in a book! That’s happened to me a few times, I’ve now learned not to read and walk at the same time - thats mainly why I love audio books so much!Speaking of audio books, I listen to one every night when I’m falling asleep. I usually go to my bed about half an hour earlier than usual so I can get through some of the book. But then I fall asleep, strangle myself during the night with my headphones and wake up with someone screaming in my ear and with an ipod shaped impression on my arm. Not only that, but because I’ve fell asleep I can’t remember where I got up to with the book. So I end up listening to the same chapter over and over for a whole week!Someone needs to invent something that won’t strangle me during the night, and a programme that realises I’ve gone to sleep and stops the audio book.

Bookstore Book Confession: Sometimes when I’m in a bookshop and they have a book I really loved somewhere in the back of the teen section I move them all to the front! I did this last week in Waterstones, I made a whole shelf of Fever by Lauren DeStefano because the book was too hidden away for my liking! It’s my way of sharing great books with the people of Glasgow!And for the last one, I’m not a huge fan of tv shows based on books and book tie ins. For example I love Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game, both originally books. I started reading both books and gave up after a couple of chapters, I’d rather just watch the tv show.Same goes for The Vampire Diaries, I read the first three books years ago before they were so popular (i’m talking like when I was 17/ what 6 years ago). But ever since the show came out I won’t read any of the new books, but I love the show.Strangely I’m not like that about books turned into movies, I watch the movie and read the book. I honestly don’t know why I’m different about tv shows! lol!

Just want to say a big thank you to Laura for asking me to take part in this Book Confession’s month and I’m really looking forward to reading everyones book confessions!

A big thank-you to Emma for taking part please go follow/like Emma's fb page where she makes the cutest bookmarks

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