Thursday, 1 March 2012

TOP 10 Book Confessions


So as today is the 1st march it starts a month of book bloggers and YA/MG authors TOP 10 book confession. Each day I will post a different set of Top 10 book confessions. I hope you all enjoy them please comment of the confessions and follow the bloggers/authors with there links to twitter,fabcebook and there blogs.

I will start this feature off with me I hope you enjoy my TOP 10 book confessions. I could have wrote so many but I hope I picked the right ones.

  1. I hated reading at school so much so that my friends and family are shocked at how much of a book worm I'am now.

  2. I only started to read for fun on new years eve 2009. Because after watching Twilight and not beening able to get a babysitter to go see New Moon at the cinema my husband to be brought me New Moon paperback. (Lets just say it wasn't a fun nye for him as I spent all night reading)

  3. I have only read the first two Harry Potter books.

  4. My TBR pile is out of control but it doesn't stop me from buying more or wanting more.

  5. When I got my first ARC for review I was so super excited I did a little happy dance.(By the way I can't dance to save my life and I still get super happy when I get ARC's in the post)

  6. I read the Twilight series out of order. New Moon,Eclipse,Breaking Dawn then Twilight.

  7. I secretly love reading Mills & Boon/Harelquin Romance books.(I can see you all cringe at this but please don't think any less of me)

  8. I stalk all my favourite facebook pages.Which are Book Passion For Life/Beneath The Cover/Totally Bookalicious/BookPics/Peace,Teen,Teen Fiction/Best Books/Bookaholics Book Club. (Go Like/Follow these great fb pages)

  9. Never ask me what my favourite book is because it changes all the time. I love living in each different story world.

  10. If I don't read for at least one hour a day I feel sick. (Very sad but true)

I hope you all enjoyed my TOP 10 book confessions. If you don't already please follow me on the blog,My fb page and Twitter Please stop by the rest of the March for more TOP 10 book confessions every day! :-)


  1. I hated reading in school too! I'm not so sure my family is as surprised as they are relieved. I spell much better now, haha.

    My favorite book is always changing too. I hate being asked that question! Because I have a few different favorites in different genres for different reasons! :-p

  2. I LOVE Mills & Boon/Harelquin Romance books! I still read them, I have a huge pile of them, more than 400 copies!

    I feel like I'm reading about myself in some points like shopping for books even if I have so many I haven't read yet.

    I feel so sad when I don't read as well, kind of empty.

  3. Love your book confessions! I'm a twilight fan too! And I've never read a HP book :)