Friday, 2 March 2012

TOP 10 book confessions 2nd March 2012

Hi everyone todays TOP 10 book confessions come from Rusty Fisher author of Zombies Don't Cry. Rusty going Backward and working up to his biggest book confession.

10. I often face out my favourite books- not MY books,but ones I love or think don't get enough love-when I go to the local bookstore.

9. I once got a detention for reading a Sidney Sheldon book behind my 8th grade maths book.

8. I was one of those kids who highlighted the "dirty" parts in junior high and shared them with my friends.

7. I'll often bring a copy of Zombies Don't Cry with me to a resturant or movie theater or coffee shop and just leave it on the table/chair for some random reader.

6. I must have gone to Long John Sliver's six times the week I read Frank McCourt descibe eating fish and chips out of a newspaper cone in Angela's Ashes.

5. I think I've read The Outsiders 47 times.

4. S.E. Hinton was the first author I ever wrote a fan letter to.

3. Stephen King was the second.

2. I practically memorized One Fat Summer one fat summer.

1. I never finished reading The Hunger Games.

A very big thank-you to Rusty for taking part and I hope you all enjoyed his TOP 10 book confessions. link for Zombies Don't Cry =

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  1. Rusty I still can't believe YOU haven't finished The Hunger Games :-/

  2. opps just saw my mistake confession 8 should have been the "dirty" parts in Judy Blumes book Forever Sorry Rusty and every one else :-(

  3. LOL I do the same thing!! I always put the books that I think are better up, front and center!