Wednesday, 7 March 2012

TOP 10 book confessions

OK YA readers today I'm so excited to bring you YA author Shelly Crane with her TOP 10 book confessions. Shelly Crane has written Significance series and The Devoured series

OK, counting down my serious book confessions.

10. My favorite book cover is Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis

9. My favorite character name is Jace.

8. I've never read the Harry Potter books. *Ducks flying books*

7. I've never read the Hunger Games books. *Ducks even further*

6. I go back and re-read all the yummy parts between my favorite characters, but rarely ever totally re-read a book.

5. I'm infatuated with guys on the cover.

4. My favorite book is by Stephanie Meyer, but it's not Twilight ;) The Host, I've read about 15 times.

3. I never read one single book in high school (Shame on ME!)

2. I have to have music when I write. Loud and upbeat music.

1. If there's no love in the book, I'm not interested ;p

Thank-you Shelly for taking part in TOP 10 book confessions.Also good luck for the release of Defiance on the 13th March 2012 (I can't wait to read it)

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  1. I love reading these confessions! too funny...

  2. I haven't read Hunger Games either! :)