Thursday, 21 April 2011

When love isn't lucky...or pretty.The scars on Beth's face aren't nearly as deep as the ones she nurses on the inside. She was born with hemifacial microsamia and was supposed to feel "lucky" that she wasn't as disfigured as some people.One boy, Lucky O'Leary starts to find the cracks in her hard shell and finds himself falling for her. Only Lucky has a secret--he needs to bring Beth to a "dog dinner" or lose his spot on the team. She can't find out that the guy who brings the ugliest date wins a prize.Young Adult Short Story--8000 words


Butterface is a hard book for me to write a review for because on the other hand i loved the idea for the book but it was also really short and it felt hurried in parts.I wished we would have had more of a back story for Beth and more info on hemifacial microsamia which she suffers from. Lucky was a enjoyable character and I felt stight from the start of book he really like Beth and her hemifacial microsamia didn't bother him. Hemifacial microsomia is a congenital disorder that affects the development of the lower half of the face, most commonly the ears, the mouth and the mandible. It can occur on one side of the face or both. If severe it can lead to difficulties in breathing, obstructing the trachea and requiring a tracheotomy. It is the second most common facial birth defect after clefts, with an incidence in the range of 1 in 3500 to 4500

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