Thursday, 21 April 2011

No release date yet book trailer= Tatum Marie Manning is a young, beautiful, vibrant, yet indecisive girl who has just completed high school in Kailua Hawaii. Unsure about which direction she wants her life to go, she struggles. Tatum has always had everything she could ever want: The hottest guy in school, great friends, and perfect grades. Until one frightful night she has a dream that leaves her drained, nightly. Without the understanding of these reoccurring dreams and what they mean for her, one afternoon she meets a mysterious, handsome, exquisite male by the name of Lance Mitchell. Lance is extremely enticing to Tatum, to say the least, with his abnormally indigo colored eyes that are subconsciously, and oddly familiar to her. Tatum not being able to control the feelings she develops for Lance, she finds herself caught in a love triangle between her high school sweetheart Dallin Reed, and this intriguing, yet enigmatical young man Lance. Tatum and Lance’s relationship grows stronger as Lance helps Tatum unravel the mystery, and secrets of her dreams while bringing out a side to her she has never seen before…a completely different soul.

4.5 STARS Molly Bryant is a new voice in the YA genre that every one should read. I would like to say a big thank you to Molly for letting me read her un-edited manuscript before being published (aug 2011). Wandering Souls is a awesome book which sucked me right in to the story world Molly Bryant has created and keep me up all night reading it. Wandering Souls is very well written and was a total pleasure to read from the amazing characters to the plot that had an edge you don't normaly find in YA which is one of the main reasons that I found myself loving it so much. Molly Bryant didn't shy away from writing about sex and abuse and told of it in a tasteful way when I find other YA books mostly avoid these topic's. Favourite Quote "I live to remember,I live to find you" I loved all of Wandering Souls and the cliff hanger ending. i pray that there will be a 2nd book as i need more of Tatum and Lance. If there is going ro be a 2nd book I would love more of Lance's story and maybe the book told from both of there POV'S but thats just me because I love books told from two different types of POV'S. One last thing please please Molly let me re-read Wandering Souls when it has been edited and ready to be published. :)

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