Thursday, 21 April 2011

Layney Logan, girl reporter. That's all she's ever wanted to be. This year, her senior year, not only does she have to share the coveted Senior Editor position with her arch nemesis, Jimmy Foster, she also has to figure out how to keep the school paper alive. With the local paper closing and the school cutting Journalism from the budget, it's a long shot. Working side-by-side with Foster, the guy she likes to call Lucifer,makes it even worse.The only thing Layney dislikes more than swimming in the high school dating pool is Jimmy Foster think he got the best of her, so she takeshis ridiculous newspaper assignment--to go on twelve blind dates--to prove his powers of darkness won't work on her. The trouble is, the more she learns about herself on her journey of bad blind dates, the more she wonders if maybe Foster has known her better than she knows herself all this time. And maybe she should have trusted him with the secret she’s kept for four years—the secret that broke them up to begin with.So Over You is a young adult short novel of almost 40,000 words.


This is my 2nd book by Gwen Hayes and one that will make me go out and read whatever she writes. So Over You is a fast paced quick read with so much detail that the story just jumped of the page. The two main characters Jimmy and Layney are just great together some of the best bits in the book come from them. So Over You is a story of friendship,lose,romance and finding yourself again. Perfect for any YA chick lit fan. Favourite Quotes 1= "I told her I liked the way your name made my heart jump" 2= "You don't want to get to your destination and not remember anything about your trip"

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